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Social and Environmental Investment Report

This report will provide a comprehensive overview of the Prochem Group's social responsibility activities over recent years, and also highlights our investment plans for 2023.

As a business group committed to excellence, innovation and sustainability, we believe that social responsibility is essential for the growth of our business and to create a positive impact in communities.

In our report you will find:

Our Commitment to Sustainability and Social Development

We are commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Additionally, we announced significant investment plans for 2023, focused on energy efficiency, diversity and inclusion, and community programs.

Learn about our commitment through our actions with the development of the Magdalena River Nuts project, how we have implemented solar panels, recovered plastic drums and supported initiatives such as “Ecobottles” for the collection of plastic waste.

Innovations and Employee Benefits

Learn how we promote innovation through commercial technical support and communication initiatives. In addition, we highlight attention to employees with extralegal benefits, health and well-being programs, and a work environment focused on empathy and collaboration.

Future Projects

We not only reflect on past achievements, but also look to the future. With a planned investment of $125 million Colombian pesos in 2023, we plan to expand our contributions through projects such as the building homes TECHO Colombia, support for foundations, and the evaluation of new solar panel installations in Bogotá and Cartagena.

Discover more about how at the Prochem Group we combine innovation, sustainability and social commitment.

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